HackRF One R9 and PortaPack Compatibility

IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY PURCHASED A HACKRF ONE AND PORTAPACK H2 AND CANNOT GET THE DEVICE WORKING, PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW. New HackRF One Hardware Revision One of the many casualties to the recent global microchip shortage was Great Scott Gadgets’ HackRF One, leaving many a hacker and SDR enthusiast without access to new […]

PortaPack H2 for the HackRF One- Flashing Mayhem Firmware

PortaPack H2 - Flashing Mayhem Firmware - Featured Image

The PortaPack H2 combines with the HackRF One to provide a standalone SDR device complete with full color LCD screen, internal battery, and input buttons for the user interface. The standard firmware includes a suite of tools specifically designed for RF research both in the field and lab, but many users prefer the infamous Mayhem […]

PortaPack H2 for the HackRF One – Assembly Guide

PortaPack H2 - Assemebly Guide - Featured Image

In this article we will be walking through the assembly of the HackRF PortaPack H2 from Hacker Warehouse. The PortaPack is an add-on board for Great Scott Gadget’s HackRF One that gives the device an onboard GUI and suite of SDR functionality without needing to connect to a workstation. Before using the device, you will […]

iCopy-XS – Boot Timeout Troubleshooting

It has come to our attention that some users of the iCopy-XS are experiencing a boot timeout when powering on their device. Though uncommon, we thought it would be beneficial to the community to provide a thorough troubleshooting guide that will have your device up and running in just a few minutes. Diagnosis The iCopy-XS […]

iCopy-XS – Toolkit Analysis

A brand new variation of the Proxmark coming to market isn’t always news worthy, but in summer of 2021, Nikola T. Labs released the iCopy-X as the first consumer-oriented device to employ the PM3’s powerful suite of capabilities. With a fully-integrated GUI, D-pad style controls, and internal power supply, the iCopy-X makes reading, writing, and […]